Saturday, 10 September 2011

An Architectural Leaning to Arches

Over the last two weeks in Chelmondiston, Suffolk, I've thought of many ideas for a blog. The daily newspaper which we don't usually get, but which the owners of the house we have been house-sitting for do, has provided many frustrating emotions, expressions of incredulity, and gasps of horror - mainly in connection with the national health service! However to put this frustration into words on a screen was too big a task if I was to do it without getting into trouble!!

Then there's been thoughts of country life, which I tried, but later felt it was inadequate and therefore my feelings of moving out of London into village life in Suffolk might not have come across clearly. There were the thoughts and fears of moving and the task ahead of fitting into the community and doing ministry here - it's OK to feel a little apprehensive!

Or maybe I could have written about the three dogs we've been looking after and taking for walks and swims every day - 6.30am being Dave's shift and the 4pm shift together through the country lanes and hedges.

However, today we went for a drive and found the ruins of an Abbey and I discovered an architechtural leaning towards arches! So here they are, the arches of Leiston Abbey!
And lastly, one of the altar:
Information on Leiston Abbey can be found here.

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